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Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Jhorehat, Andul-Mouri, Howrah, West Bengal, India

Library Administration

Education is never complete within the four walls of class rooms.
One should develop the habit of using Libraries.
Education is never complete within only the four walls of a class room.
One must develop the habit of using Libraries.

From the inception of this college in 1964, our Founder, Dr. Tinkari Ghosh , established the college Library. Two ornamental antique almirahs with books from his personal collection are assets of our library . Couple of years later, Professor Bipin Krishna Ghosh donated a valuable collection of books as the “Bankim Chandra Ghosh Collection”. In keeping with this tradition, Dr.Shyamal Kumar Sengupta, erstwhile Reader of Bengali, also donated a large number of books on different subjects. At present our Central Library has 20,000 books (reference and text), along with about 15 magazines, periodicals and several newspapers. Significant help in career planning for students is provided through Pesha Prabesh, Karmakshetra, and Employment News on the shelves. This treasure is accessible to every student through the ‘ Open Access System’. Each student will be provided 3 library cards. A lending card enables the student to borrow one book at a time from Central Library. With the Book Bank Card one may borrow one book at a time from the Book Bank, a separate section of the Central Library. A student may take any material – books, journals, magazines, newspapers – even restricted Reference Works, from the library and peruse it in the Reading Room, from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. , every working day. The well- furnished Reading Room can accommodate 100 students at a time. The Library also provides Internet services. The complete titles in the collection are in the process of being digitized. Central air-conditioning is being installed in the Library.

In addition to the Central Library, each department has a fine collection of text books in the Departmental Library. Students of the department may borrow these books.

Students must respect the sacred nature of all books and reading matter. These are valuable tools for the development of all students. Hence, any damage caused to books and any reading material will be treated as a serious offence. The offender will suffer severe disciplinary action.

Library management staffs

Rabindranath Ghorai

Designation : Librarian/Bursur

Qualification : M.Com., M.Lib.Sc., B. Ed.

Sri Swapan Kumar Gupta

Designation :

Qualification :

Smt. Gopa Tirki

Designation :

Qualification : B. Com.

Smt. Anita Saha

Designation :

Qualification :