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Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Jhorehat, Andul-Mouri, Howrah, West Bengal, India


Books published

  1. New Horizons in Development : Education,skill Development and Economic Growth in India.

    Editors: Tapasree Banerjee,Subrata Kumar Ray and Manojit Ghosh.Madhav Books(p)LTD.(A Unit of Serial Publications)New Delhi(INDIA),ISBN:978-80615-23-3

  2. Marxian Theory :assessment and Relavance in the post Reform Era.

    Editors: Anureema Bhattacharyya,Subrata Kumar Ray and Sutapa Ray.Madhav Books(p)LTD.(A Unit of serial publications)New Delhi (INDIAN),ISBN:978-93-80615-20-2

  3. Human Resource Management and Sustainable Growth.

    Editors: SandhyaGhosh,Subrata Kumar Ray.Madhav Books(p)LTD.  (A Unit of Serial Publications)New Delhi (INDIA),ISBN: 978-93-80615-22-6

  4. Relevance and impact of free and Open Source Software in the Era of Globalization.

    Editors : Dhruba Shankar ray,Subrata Kumar Ray,Sarada Mandal,Kisor Mukhopadhyay and Sumana Bandyopadhyay.Madhav Books(p)LTD. (A unit of Serial Publications)New Delhi (INDIA),ISBN:978-93-80615-35-6.

  5. Agricultural Growth in India by Subrata Kumar Roy,Serials Publications,New Delhi ISBN 978-81-8387-319-2.
  6. Micro Entuprise and Rural Development in India edited by Subrata Kumar Roy,ISBN 978-81-8387-575-2 Serials Publications,New Delhi.
  7. Sustainability ,water use and economic Incentives: A case for greats Kolkata by Monojit Ghosh,Firma  KLM Privated Ltd.Kolkata ISBN 81-7102-182-4
  8. A Relatively Real Eorld: Putnam versus Rorty By Sutapa Roy,Firma KLM Private Ltd.Kolkata ISBN 81-7102-181-6.
  9. Uttarbanga Nama Sudhra samaj O Sanskrit by Sudhangshu Kumar Sarkar,NL Publishers,Siliguri,West Bengal,ISBN: 978-81-86860-77-9.
  10. Reforming The Indian Economy : Some Perspectives by Dr. Subrata Kumar Roy & Dr. tapashree Banerjee,KUNAL BOOKS,New Delhi, ISBN : 978-93-86714-89-3.
  11. Women Empowerment and gender Equality some perspectives by Dr.Subrata Kumar Roy and Dr.Tapasree Bnaerjee,Serials publications PVt,Ltd,New Delhi,ISBN: 93-86611-44-4.
  12. Human Rights : Issues and perspectives by Dr.Manojit Ghosh and Dr. Subrata Kumar Ray,KUNAL BOOKS,New Delhi,ISBN: 978-9386714-92-3.