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Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Jhorehat, Andul-Mouri, Howrah, West Bengal, India

Waste Management

The More civilization advance, the more problems with waste management arise. Permanent handling of the increasing and more and more hazarders quantities of waste is becoming dominant global issue. Waste is generated by activities in all economic sectors and is generally regarded as an unavoidable by product of economic activity. The generation of waste reflects a loss of materials and energy and imposes economic and environmental costs on a society for its collection, treatment and disposal. Environmental pressures from the generation and management of waste include emissions into the air (including greenhouse gases), water and soil, all with potential impacts on human health and nature. The reduction of resource use and the related task of successful implementation of appropriate waste management policies, with complete or partial recovery or recycling of materials. The objective is to maximize recovery, reuse and recycling operations (RRR) in order to achieve sustainable waste management. In this perfective of sustainable waste management we have formed a committee comprising the following members:

  1. Dr. Subrata Kr Ray (Principal)
  2. Dr. Kakali Banerjee (In-Charge)
  3. Prof. Suman Bandyopadhyay
  4. Dr. Hira Chatterjee
  5. Prof. Madhusudan Pramanick
  6. Dr. Santarupa Thakurta
  7. Prof. Sudipta Nag
  8. Sri Palas Patra
  9. Sri Hemanta Mondal

We have conducted a survey for waste management in our college campus. We have arranged blue box (for non-bio degradable waste), green box (for biodegradable waste) and white box (for hazarders waste).We have planned for construct of a bio composting plant in the campus.