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Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Jhorehat, Andul-Mouri, Howrah, West Bengal, India

Value Education

(Founded on 26.09.2014)

Convener of the Cell – Dr. SUTAPA RAY, Head of the Department of Philosophy

Members of the Value Education Cell:

  1. Dr. Subrata Kumar ray, Principal
  2. Dr. Manojit Ghosh, Head of the Department of Economics
  3. Prof. Suman Bandopadhyay, Head of the Department of History
  4. Dr. Sutapa Roy, Head of the Department of Philosophy
  5. Dr. Dolonchampa Saha, Department of Physics
  6. Prof. Nimai Chandra Dan, Department of History
  7. Smt. Sima Ghosh, Head Clerk
  8. Sri Bechuram Malik, Accountant
  9. Sri Swapan Kumar Nath, Clerk

Aims And Objectives Of The Value Education Cell

"The Aim of Education is the Knowledge, not of facts, but of Values"

Everywhere the talk is about campus, infrastructure, smart rooms, laptops and projectors. But in this Value Education Cell we focus on education as an essential human value without which man is a slave. It is true education humanizes us, i.e., we become more human as a result of our education. But it is also true that talking of value education seems redundant as the concept of education is already supposed to incorporate the concept of values. It is values that distinguishes an educated person from a literate one.  Nevertheless, today great emphasis is laid on value education just because the present environment demands that attention be given to values in order for the survival of society we live in. So, value education is not a matter of luxury today, rather, it is something on which the survival of the society depends. Such has been the degradation of moral values in our lives that society itself is jeopardized.

Humanity is suffering from spiritual starvation. The world today is in a dismal state. The reason in a word can be said to be “Dissatisfaction” – we have lost our inner calmness. And this has resulted in a society boiling with anger, anxiety, frustration, restlessness and anguish. We have simply lost control of ourselves.

To rectify this situation what is needed is developing an understanding heart. Half the problems around us will vanish if we try to see with the other man’s eyes and love with the other man’s heart. We would then know what it feels like to be playing the other man’s part.

Value Education Cell is an attempt to change our understanding of ourselves and the people around us. It is an attempt at finding the joy within us by achieving the following –

  • Harmonious development of body, mind and soul
  • Cultivating inner calmness – a way to peace
  • Going back to Man’s True Nature to regain our forgotten Divinity
  • To tap our inner resources of strength and to harness the power of positive attitude and affirmation
  • To deal with pressures of impossible workloads

We focus on building good healthy citizens of the country in this cell. Because we believe that just like a single stone thrown in the pond can cause a thousand ripples, similarly, a single good citizen can make a difference to the society. So, we here emphasize on real life-oriented learning methods. Merely having qualifications on paper is not enough. A student, when leaving college after completion of the three-year degree course should be equipped with a positive frame of mind, have basic communication skills, should have acquired the ability to explain something logically, and above all, should have developed a balanced personality. We treat the students as mature individuals and strive to inculcate values in them which will help them face the hazardous journey of life after college.

Activities Of The Value Education Cell

Sl. No. Date Activity
1. 06.01.2018 Programme on Significance of Value Education
2. 10.02.2018 Counselling Session
3. 12.03.2018 An Awareness Programme on Need of Counselling with Special Emphasis on Women and Child Rights
4. 03.04.2018 Programme on Importance of Democracy and Awareness on Voter Turn-out
5. 21.07.2018 A Class on Moral Values
6. 22.09.2018 Counselling session
7. 05.01.2019 A Special Lecture on Values as Understood by Swami Vivekananda
8. 23.02.2019 Programme on Importance of Democratic Insitution and Students Awareness on Voter Turn-out
9. 08.03.2019 Psychological Counselling of Girl Students in Commemoration of International Women’sDay
10. 21.03.2019 Celebration of Fraternity, Brotherhood and Fellow-feelings through Vasant Utsav
11. 06.04.2019 A Programme on Promotion of Universal Values
12. 06.04.2019 A Counselling Session of Students