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Minutes of IQAC meeting

  • IQAC ANNUAL REPORT 2016-2021 : Download

Proceedings of the IQAC meetings:

Proceedings of the IQAC meeting dated 12.5.18

Agenda 1: Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting

The IQAC Coordinator Dr. Tapasree Banerjee reported that office record keeping is in a poor condition. Resolved that from the academic session 2018-19 all departments are to maintain all internal examination marks in soft form. The same is needed to be submitted to Mr. Hemanta Mandal in the email i.d. hmntmndl1822 @gmail.com. Agenda 1 is now read and confirmed.

Agenda 2 : Feedback Report

The IQAC requested the coordinator Dr. Tapasree Banerjee to prepare a report on the basis of the feedback taken in 2017 and place it in the next IQAC meeting . On the basis of that action to be taken may be chalked out.

Agenda 3: Action taken on the basis of the previous IQAC meeting

Some actions were reported:

  1. Dr. Dolanchampa Saha reported that she has prepared a format for career counseling which is to be circulated by every department to their third year students.The departments will be requested to guide their students for C.V. preparation which will prepare them for job markets. Dr. Saha proposed that the junior most faculty in each department may do this job.
  2. Resolved that the library is to subscribe periodicals related to employment opportunities to students. They are to be walled up.
  3. Prof. Sumit Bar, a member if the Entrepreneurship development Cell of the college reported that he has contacted a West Bengal Panchayat enlisted NGO named Akshaynagar Pallisree Sangha to train our students in food processing, jute material packaging etc.
  4. Discussed that a grievance was submitted to the Grievance Redressal Cell and it was amicably resolved. Dr Manojit Ghosh, the convener of the cell is requested to prepare a report regarding this. Notice may be served to the students by the cell.
  5. Resolved that from September 2018 basic Spoken English classes are to be conducted with the students atleast once a week. Dr. Manojit Ghosh is requested to prepare the course material of the said course in consultation with the English Department of the college.

Agena 4 : Miscellaneous

  1. The Principal reported that violation of notices have been observed in some instances
  2. Resolved that a grievance redressal format is to be circulated to all departments from the academic session 2018-19. The departmental teachers will circulate them among students..

Proceedings of the IQAC meeting held on 20.3.18

Agenda 1 : Confirmation of the proceedings of the previous meeting

The coordinator Dr. Tapasree Banerjee reported that the coordinators report regarding the new guidelines of NAAC has been mailed to representatives of all the departments. The proceedings of the previous meeting were then read and confirmed.

Agenda 2 : Discussions related to format for Academic and Administrative Audit

The process of Academic and Administrative Audit was briefed to the members by the coordinator. Resolved that data for the Dec2014 - June17 is to be given in an aggregated form and from July 2017 in an annual form. University results have to be prepared by the departments with help from Office and Principal.

Agenda 3 : Actions taken on the basis of the previous IQAC meeting

  1. The coordinator presented the new NAAC Guidelines in the Teachers Council meeting. Guidelines mailed and circulated to different departments after the Teachers Council meeting.
  2. The Value Education Cell, the Human Rights Cell and the Health Club jointly conducted a seminar cum counseling session on Women and Child Rights and Need for Counselling in the present day scenario on 12th March 2018.
  3. The Grievance Redressal Cell which has been reconstituted held its first meeting on 13th March 2018. There was a thorough discussion on the procedure of working of the Cell was carried out. The format for Grievance Redressal has been chalked out and a notice to be served to the students accordingly
  4. A Womens Cell Meeting was held on 13.3.18 to discuss about future activities . Accordingly a seminar is scheduled to be held on 24.3.18.

Proceedings of the IQAC meeting dated 28.8.18

Agenda 1: Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting

The proceedings of the previous meeting read and confirmed with a note that the office will provide the University roll sheets of the Honours and General candidates to the departments. The departments will submit marks accordingly and return the award lists to the office.

Agenda 2 : Submission of AQAR 2017-18

The Coordinator reported that AQAR 201-18 has been submitted and acknowledgement has also been received from NAAC.

Agenda 3 : Discussions relating Academic and Administrative Audit

Resolved that the AAA Audit is to be conducted with internal IQAC members and external GB members according to the following schedule :

  1. 4.9.18 : Commerce, Political Science, History, English, Sanskrit
  2. 11.9.18 : Education, Sociology, Food and Nutrition, Bengali, Philosophy, Economics
  3. 18.9.18 : Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Zoology, Botany, Electronics
  4. 25.9.18 : Utility Audit including Library, Office, Canteenetc.

Audit will start from 12 noon onwards

Agenda 4 :Discussions regarding uploading of PPTs and sample questions:

The principal is requested to notify the departments who have not submitted the PPTs and sample questios to do so.

Agenda 5: Discussions regarding Feedback

The Coordinator presented the feedback report. The administration decides to review the recommendations based on the feedback report and take actions accordingly.

Agenda 6: Action taken report:

  1. Dr Dolan champa Saha reported that she has submitted the format for career counseling to all departments on May.
  2. In the library the periodical Karmakhetra is taken and walled up.The IQAC suggests subscriptions of other employment related periodicals like Employment News.
  3. Resolved that a weekly spoken English class of 2 hrs may be taken and Rs 500 be paid for that.Priority is to be given to Third year students. Monetary help from Alumni is sought for this. Academic help from faculty is sought in this regard.

Agenda 7: Miscellaneous

  1. Matter of organizing a film show as per directions of DPI is referred to Prof. Sumit Bar.
  2. Matter regarding Student Induction Procedure referred to Value Education Cell.
  3. Principal reported the problems faced with regard to the admission software provider.The IQAC condemns this and resolves that the software provider needs to be changed.
  4. Principal placed his opinion regarding overall academic improvement of the college. The IQAC agrees with him.
  5. The Principal reported to the IQAC certain administrative problems related to the Physics department and Physical Education department .The IQAC is of the opinion that Principal should take action as per rule.

The meeting ended with thanks to the chair.

Reporting relating to the Academic and Administrative Audit 2017-18

An extensive AAA audit was carried out in 4 phases on the month of September 2018. A survey of the departments along with utilities like library, office and canteen was conducted by the principal of the college, external GB members, Coordinator IQAC and members of IQAC.

The AAA proforma was presented by each department during the visit, the problems facing the departments were noted down and suggestions for improvement were put forward by the visiting team. Some of the findings which need administrative attention include:

  1. Difficulties in taking ICT classes due to lack of computers put forward by the English, History and Political Science departments.
  2. Infrastructural problems like shortage of class rooms( History ,Commerce and Political Science), inadequate space or absence of departmental rooms( English, Geography ,Sanskrit, Education, Sociology, Food and Nutrition, Botany etc)
  3. Unavailability of results from the office is reported by almost every department. Specially the Electronics department has not been able to submit results due to this problem.
  4. Another problem pointed out by the Electronics department is that attendance register for practical classes was not ready as on 25.9.18.
  5. As regards inspection of the students canteen it has been noted that
  6. The aquaguards donot work
  7. The basin pipe leaks
  8. The dining table tops are damaged

Accounts Audit has been done as back as 2015-16. The IQAC team has recommended that audit process must be expediated.

As regards library it has been noted that no late fines have been charged from defaulter students.This matter needs attention.

The AAA audit report has been placed in Teachers’ Council meeting dated 9.10.18.

Proceedings of the IQAC meeting held on 15.12.18

The Principal took the chair and presided over the meeting.

Agenda 1 : Confirmation of the proceedings of the meeting held on 28.8.18

Read and confirmed.

Agenda 2: Reporting of the AAA Audit 2017-18

TheCoordinator IQAC reported the AAA Audit . On the basis of the AAA Audit the following resolutions were taken:

  1. The IT Services Cell is requested to ensure that ICT classes are conducted regularly.Prof. Amitava Sardar and Mr Kalyan Sundar Samanta are requested to take initiatives in this regard. A remuneration of Rs 250/- per one hour class is to be paid in this regard.Similarly Spoken English classes are to be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Manojit Ghosh from January 2019.
  2. Resolved that infrastructural provisions as required by the departments in the AAA audit will be made when infrastructure expansion is complete. Student Union room and Boys Common Room will shift in old office room and other adjacent rooms.
    ©Resolved that the departments are to collect respective results from the office.
  3. Resolved that purified water is to be provided to the students from the cooler.
  4. Resolved that all plumbing related matters related to college canteen and other places are to be redressed with immediate effect.
  5. Relating accounts matter the accountant reported that financial audit for 2016-17 is in progress.
  6. Regarding library matters it is resolved that a fine of Rs 5/-per week is to be imposed for defaulters.

Agenda 3: Feedback 2019

Due to website renovation students feedback for 2019 will be conducted offline during the Part 3 Test Examination.

Agenda 4: Action taken Report:

The convenor of the Grievance Redressal Cell Dr. Manojit Ghosh reported that no grievance has been reported. The Coordinator IQAC Dr. Tapasree Banerjee reported that a notice has been served urging all departments to submit their PPTs

Agenda 5: Miscellaneous

  1. The coordinator IQAC reported that a seminar on “ Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Institutions” will be organized by IQAC in collaboration with the NSSunit
  2. The IQAC strongly recommends that the ED Cell has to hold regular meetings and has to be proactive. Resolved that the ED Cell has to chalk out a plan of action and has to intimate the principal accordingly. Dr. Manojit Ghosh reported that a training cum workshop programme on Human Rights will be conducted in February 2019
  3. Resolved that the principal, Dr. Mukul Saha and Prof. Sumit Kr. Bar will visit the Entrepreneurship Development Cell in Salt Lake for necessary actions. IQAC is to be reported accordingly. Mr Debiprosad Chatterjee, from alumni is requested to take steps in this regard.
  4. Dr. Dolan champa Saha reported that certain rules need to be laid down regarding seating arrangement of examination in view of too much cramping of students in certain rooms during examination.The IQAC also resolves that matters related to internal administration of the college need not be discussed in social media.
  5. The Principal reported that some errors have been noted in the Marsheets of Geography and Bengali PG departments. Such errors must be rectified immediately and steps should be taken so that such errors donot recur in future.The IQAC is taking this matter very seriously andrequests the PG departments to act more cautiously in future. The principal is requested to take necessary actions in this regard.

The meeting ends with vote of thanks to the chair.

Proceedings of the IQAC meeting held on 4.2.19

The Principal took the chair and presided over the meeting.

Agenda 1 : Confirmation of the proceedings of the meeting held on 15.12.18

Agenda 1 read and confirmed with the note that ICT classes must be incorporated in the routines of Arts , Science and Commerce Streams The IQAC appreciates the initiative of Dr. Kisor Mukhopadhyayin relation to servicing of the water purifier. The IQAC also requests the Principal and Prof. Sumit Bar to visit the edc campus in Saltlake on 5.2.19

Agenda 2: Discussions regarding Feedback 2019

The IQAC members are requested to collect the filled up feedback proforma from office and present the observations to the coordinator within 22.2.19. Reolved that the feedback analysis will be done by Dr. Arnab Gupta

Agenda 3: Discussions regarding IQAC Seminar to be held on 16.2.19

The programme schedule and the tentative budget for the IQAC seminar on “Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Institutions “ to be held on 16.2.19 were placed in the meeting

The IQAC members were entrusted with the following tasks:

  1. Setting up of programme schedule : Dr. Arnab Gupta
  2. Purchase of registrartion and felicitation kit : Principal, Dr. Manojit Ghosh
  3. Preaparation and distribution of participation certificates: Dr. Dolan Champa Saha, Dr. Prasanta Sinha , Dr. Arnab Gupta
  4. Decoration: Dr. Sandhya Ghosh
  5. Technical assistance: Dr. Kisor Mukhopadhyay
  6. Refreshment: Mr Rabindranath Ghorai
  7. Anchoring: Prof. Promita Howli
  8. Registration : Dr. Sutapa Ray

Agenda 4 : Miscellaneous

  1. The Principal has requested the faulty and staff to submit the self appraisal of 2017-18 on or before 15.3.19
  2. Resolved that the Principal will convene a meeting with of clubs and subcommittees to discuss about their activities in 2018-19.

The meeting ends with vote of thanks to the chair.