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Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Prabhu Jagatbandhu College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
Jhorehat, Andul-Mouri, Howrah, West Bengal, India

About the department

Beginning of the Journey

The Department of Geography has received the sanction of the University of Calcutta and the Higher Education Council, Government of West Bengal to introduce both Honours and General undergraduate course of studies in 1995.

Since its inception in 1996 the department has maintained an uninterrupted good record both in honours and general courses.

Vision of the Department

The department seeks to create and maintain a challenging and intellectually vital geographic learning community in mapping science, global system analysis and urban and regional planning.

Departmental Infrastructure:

Every classroom for UG and PG students has been transformed into smart class room with green ceramic boards, LCD projector, Laptop, tracing tables and adequate desks, chairs and benches. Classrooms are airy and full of adequate light. All the classrooms are under CC TV surveillance. Classrooms and laboratories have internet and WiFi facility.

Introduction of Post Graduate Course since 2015

The Department has been allowed by the University of Calcutta to introduce Post Graduate course of studies in Geography on self-financing basis as per letter no. 1334, dated 25.08.2015 on and from session 2015-16. Now the Department is delighted to be able to offer a Four Semester-Regular M. Sc Degree to its students under CU.

Year Event
1996 Opening of the UG Section with Geography Honours and General Course
1999 Sanction of Full time posts of teachers and non teaching staff
2005 Establishment of GIS Laboratory
2015 Opening of PG Course in Geography (Regular, self financing, affiliated to University of Calcutta)
Faculty Position (for both UG and PG courses)
Associate Professor Assistant Professor Contractual Whole Time Teacher (College Paid) Govt approved PTT Guest lecturer Total Potential number of sanctioned Substantive Post
Ph. D 2
1 4
Ph. D 2
Ph. D 1
0 8
Total no. of faculty with     Ph. D: 5
For UG 5
For PG 3
Additional 5 substantive teaching post to be created urgently
Non Teaching Staff for UG
Laboratory Attendant working One Laboratory Assistant (group C) and two Laboratory Attendant (Group D) required urgently
3 1
Non Teaching Staff for PG (engaged from substantive office staff on part time basis)
Computer Operator Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Attendant
3 2 3

Infrastructure of the Department

No. of classroom for UG students No. of classroom for PG students No. of  Laboratory No. of Office room No. of store Total no. of room
One room partitioned into two 2 a.1 GIS Lab shared with Mathematics and Economics Department
b. 1 Environment Lab
1 1 7
Equipments and books
No. of Almirah for instrument No. of Almirah for books

No. of Computer

Miscellaneous electronic devices No. of Books in the Departmental Library Instruments



in office 2
In Classroom 7
In GIS Lab 14
Total 23

a. 6 over head projectors
b. 2 laptops
c. 1 Refri gerator
d. 1 B.O.D. incubator
e. 10 CC cameras with monitor and Hard Drive


Department has adequate surveying instruments, drawing instruments, GPS, rocks and minerals specimens, thematic maps, topographical sheets, satellite imageries and aerial photographs.